MM Agency

Special Offer

for Comprehensive Promotion of Your Online Store
Boost your turnover by up to 9 times in just 3 months! First 3 months – 20% discount for E-commerce businesses with a monthly turnover of €10,000 or more!

What We Offer

  • Google ads (including Gmail, Youtube)
  • Meta ads (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp)
  • e-mail marketing
  • TikTok ads*
    *Minimum service package

What's Included in the Service Package

We tackle key tasks that boost website conversion, order numbers, and average order value in your online store. We optimize the marketing budget for maximum promotional efficiency, including:
  • Audit of existing resources
  • Defining advertising campaign objectives (KPIs)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategic planning proposals, identification of technical errors, and preparation of the technical foundation for advertising campaigns
  • Developing promotional ideas and customer loyalty programs
  • Overall strategy for all advertising channels with priority assignment
  • Strict budget control during the process
  • Monthly analytics with a detailed report
Your Benefits with MM Agency
Site conversion rate growth averaging 30%
Turnover increase of +20% per month on average
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of approximately 360% by the end of the third month of our work
Global business expansion (EU, USA, Canada)
*Specific achievements and performance are calculated individually for each client.
Client Reviews
Over 7 years, more than 73 clients have benefited from MM Agency’s services. Among them are leading companies in competitive markets in Latvia, Ukraine, the USA, and Canada.
Advertising Account Audit
Want to unlock additional opportunities to enhance your business’s commercial performance? Order advertising account audits and discover how to expand your target audience, increase average purchase value, and boost repeat sales without increasing advertising expenses!
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